The follow up to this 2000 smash hit? If only…

Nope. JOHN CARTER is the Mouse House’s first tent-pole of 2012. A disappointment thus far? Wilford Brimley isn’t too upset about it, as his focus away from Diabeetus and onto tree-hugging spelled his second consecutive week of US Box Office gold (THE LORAX is now at $125 million against a $70 million budget). Not bad for the adaptation of that hour-long Dr. Seuss special I fell asleep watching in Environmental Science all those years ago.

Turning back to the Civil War general on Mars, there was trouble from the get-go. Tracking was bad. The posters used for advertising almost made too much sense (kidding – none at all, in fact). These early warning signs confirmed the inevitability of a soft $32.7 million opening for $250+ million budget standards, plus a lot more not only for print and advertising, but to also pry away this Lutheran Politician’s coveted @johncarter Twitter handle. Is all lost?

Think global. Would Disney do this again? Yes. You have $32.7 million at home, but $70.6 million overseas. In the end, Disney will turn a profit and the US auds will wonder why John Carter Part Deux is hitting their multiplexes tablets in 2015. There will still be money outside of Los Estados Unidos.

Case in point: In 2009, ICE AGE 3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS became the 3rd highest grossing film of all time as 77.8% of its $886.7 million came from abroad. Right now, 68.3% of JOHN CARTER’S worldwide $103.3 million comes from abroad – where they know that keeping “From Mars” in the title won’t dissuade female auds.

Stupid Americans. Smart Disney…maybe.